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Interstellar Performance Labs is the first of its kind bringing knowledge and expertise in human performance to create a system that supports the overall human factors of any mission. Our purpose is to optimize your opportunities for space by providing you with the training, support, and resources to help you get to that next step.  Whether you are an analog astronaut, space faring astronaut, or mission director, we are working everyday with the aim of preparing you for that next step in you space journey.


a message from the ceo:

When I first began my journey as an analog astronaut, I realized that the resources to prepare individuals and crews for isolated, confined, and extreme environments were non-existent. Additionally, there were so many gaps creating negligent opportunities for human errors. This was heavily reflected in my mission as well as others, and I found an opportunity to make a change. 


I have a bachelor of science in aeronautics and a master of science in human factors, with a dual specialization in systems engineering and aerospace. I have 8+ years experience as an aircraft accident investigator and take my fitness pretty seriously. I was a competitive athlete for 6 years and now enjoy applying my CrossFit Level 1 to coach classes at my gym. Out of all of these, human factors is my passion and this was the key to unlocking potential.


As I began to work with individuals with aspirations of becoming an analog astronaut or space-faring astronaut, and crews conducting analog missions, I realized that everything I have accomplished in my life was giving me the experience I needed, and led me to this moment - I have finally landed my dream job and I absolutely love what I do.

Emily Apollonio

CEO & Founder

Human Factors Expert for Analog Space Missions

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*Photo credit goes to my best friend, the amazing and talented Annie Benefield.

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