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The Stellar Training for Astronaut Readiness (STAR) program is dedicated to preparing individuals and crews for future missions. The STAR curriculum is delivered in conjunction with a carefully designed fitness training regimen, research-based meditation practices, and group activities to apply practical applications for physical and mental preparation, while also working on individual and team development.


training for
stronaut readiness

launch pad to


an introductory mini-series

Launch Pad to STAR is an introductory course to the novel approach of human performance training in preparation for an analog mission. This mini-series covers the basics of the four major elements of training: physical performance, mental performance, team dynamics, and human factors,

At the completion of this program, you will receive a participation certificate and hold the fundamental knowledge to get you started on bettering your opportunities for space.

star. analog

an intensive curriculum and training program

For future and current analog astronauts

*These sessions occur in cohorts and have limited spaces available. Standard and Premium options are available. Pricing varies depending on the plan selected.

STAR.ANALOG is an 8-week intensive program that  prepares you for future analog space missions, whether you're looking to apply for your first mission or you've already earned the title of Analog Astronaut. We provide you with the foundational knowledge and readiness level necessary to begin (or continue) your space journey.


The STAR curriculum provides in-depth coverage of the four major elements of training: physical performance, mental performance, team dynamics, and human factors, as well as relevant topics on applying for your first mission. The content is delivered in video format with required homework and quizzes, as well as occasional group projects and weekly group discussions. (One of the first group projects includes designing a patch with your team!)

At the end of the program, and providing that you meet the STAR standards, you will receive a completion certificate, mission patch, and an invitation to join the exclusive STAR community as potential recruits for future missions.

star. mission

Fully customized, mission-specific training

For habitat directions and mission organizers

*Pricing varies depending on mission requirements and prerequisite qualifications.

STAR.MISSION is a fully customized program to prepare your crew prior to a scheduled mission. Training is designed based on habitat location, research objectives, mission duration, crew size, and the crews' level of experience. This training is for analog astronauts and the mission control crew, and trains them to work as a cohesive unit.


The crew will have access to the STAR curriculum, as well as mission-oriented training. Highlights include Crew Resource Management, team bonding, and fitness training programming specific to the mission. The training duration is dependent on the scope of training and time available prior to the mission. To achieve optimal preparation, we strongly encourage a training duration of least 6-8 weeks, plus 1 week for on-site training.

After the mission, you will receive an internal mission performance evaluation as well as individual performance evaluations for each crew member, identifying areas of strengths and growths for future development.

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